Workshop Host:

Nancy Willard.
Research Associate
Center for Advanced Technology in Education
Director, Responsible Netizen
College of Education, University of Oregon


Marvin Berkowitz
Sanford N. McDonnell
Professor of Character Education
School of Education
University of MO - St. Louis

Melinda Bier
Program Officer
James S. McDonnell Foundation

Andy Carvin
Benton Foundation

June English-Lueck
Professor, Department of Anthropology
San Jose State University,edu

Batya Friedman
Associate Professor
School of Library
and Information Science
Adjunct Associate Professor
Department of Computer
Science and Engineering
University of Washington

Bill Harbaugh
Assistant Professor, Economics
University of Oregon

Rachelle D. Hollander
Societal Dimensions of Engineering
Science, and Technology Program - Ethics and Values Studies
Research on Science and Technology National Science Foundation

Sara Kiesler
Professor, Social Psychology and Human-Computer Interaction
Carnegie Mellon University user/
hcii/www/ People/Faculty/SaraKiesler.html

Katherine Montgomery
President, Center for Media Education

Lodis Rhodes
Professor, Public Affairs
University of Texas, Austin

Anne Sheeran
UNICEF Voices of Youth

Jeff Zucker
UNICEF Voices of Youth

Participated virtually due to travel complications presented by

Hurricane Floyd:
Marina Umaschi Bers
Doctoral Candidate, MIT Media Lab
Epistemology & Learning Group
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Justine Cassell
Assistant Professor, MIT Media Lab
Gesture and Narrative Language Research Group.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Marvin Croy
Associate Professor, Philosophy
University of North Carolina Charlotte

Participated in workshop session on research and human subjects issues:

Patricia A. Gwartney
Director, Oregon Survey Research Lab
Department of Sociology
University of Oregon

Deborah Olson
Research Associate/Assistant Professor
Specialized Training Program
College of Education
University of Oregon

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