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As these reports are corrected by the speakers themselves we may be sure that the report is entirely dosage correct.

He has very recently succeeded, in two separate instances, in relieving retention of urine in the following manner;" A gentleman lately entered my 200 consultation room in great pain from retention of urine. Hamilton presented, at the request of the Section on State Medicine and Public Hygiene, on the"Intervention of Physicians in Education." Practical Medicine, Materia Medica and Physiology, in a very able address considered the bipolar varieties of phthisis pulmonalis, catarrhal, fibrous, and tubercular, and reviewed the indications for the treat ment, recommending the establishment of sanitaria for consumptives.


As calomel seemed to promote vomiting, the author prescribed frictions with mercurial ointment on different parts blood of the body; this application was employed in two cases, which were cured.

It may be 400 said that one of the links dependant upon the successful treatment of this disease, is called protection of the head, neck, body and extremities: another link, danger of exposure to draughts and night air; another, maintenance of the nasal and aural passages in a clean condition, if catarrhal secretion is profuse; another, abstinence from the use of tobacco and spirituous drinks, and so on, through the whole list of hygienic and sanative measures, and the last and the least link called therapeutic measures.

He had been initiated into these new pleasures by a procuress, and the description which he gives of his feelings is startling in its generico intensity. The colt has been seen to suck (apparently empty the dam's udder), take its head away and without moving a step, cough and eject about all it had suckled: mg. Patient was put "cr" to bed and Fowler- Murphy treatment directed. The lower limit of color this It is easy of course to make the normal temperature pass either hot baths, etc, but the pulse may be altered in the same physiological way. "This will improve the venous circulations through the legs Ilcmarks About Us Nature and Observations North Carolina Medical Society; Buncombe County Medical Society, Etc., perties of such organic arsenic products as cacodylic acid and cacodylate of soda tube in tuberculosis and other infections led to the origin, which is patented under the Resignation of"Salvarsan." It is described under the technical name of Dioxy-Diamano- Aresenobensol- Di- Hydrochloride.

In other words precio the patient is unable to stop urinating when he has once commenced ot is about to begin. Elsinger, and gave a good description of some of those unavoidable cases level that all practitioners occasionally see. Ammonia diluted with water should be introduced into the stomach; its fumes sufficiently diluted alcohol with air allowed to enter the lungs, taking care not to excoriate the air-passages by the too free use of the ammonia. Since the time of Addison we have known that atrophy of these glands in man leads to a disease characterized by the three cardinal symptoms of bronzing, vomiting, and extreme muscular weakness: raise. Within a few days healthy pus and granulations are shown at the wrist, but the soft parts above the elbow and in dose the axilla are still sloughing away, the chain of glands in the axilla are exposed and look not unlike small bleached grains of corn strung together in the open space. The urethral fiyat orifice will appear somewhat reddened and oedematous. In the larger sense, however, we have one illustration 10 of such a reversion. The and second case had ataxic gait, headache, apathy, slow speech, inteUectual slowness, slow pulse, optic neuritis, increased pressure on lumbar puncture, somnolence, left-sided paresis, stupor, vertigo, tinnitus and deafness. Then more than half of the schools required no more than attendance upon one course of lectures; now only a small number venture to announce such laxity, however low their real standard effects may be. Its utility is so obvious, its value to the soldier and sailor, on many occasions, so apparent, and the numerous lives which might annually be saved were the art more general, are circumstances which render it matter of astonishment that it forms no part of the instruction at any of our public institutions in these islands (pressure). About the only truths which command universal belief are"death and taxes." The human mirtd seeks with irrepressible eagerness to gain a knowledge xr of final causes. Oftentimes the true condition vs of affairs can only be determined by subtracting the sources of reflex spasm in the anterior urethra by urethrotomy. The words advancing, spreading, diffuse, for or general peritonitis are often loosely used by surgeons. As the symptoms presented by the animal had returned on different occasions, and as the ischuric troubles were rather characteristic, a diagnosis of urethral calculus overdose was made and urethrotomy performed in the usual way, back of the scrotum.