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American Family Online/American Family Filter/BSafeOnline/BSafeSchool


It appears that Log-On Corporation, now 8e6 Technologies, was started in some form of a partnership with the American Family Association, a conservative Christian organization (http://www.afa.net).

American Family Online, the technology arm of AFA, has been marketing a private-labeled version of X-Stop as American Family Filter (http://www.afafilter.com).

American Family Online has recently established a new division called BSafeOnline (http://www.bsafeonline), which is selling to schools as BSafeSchool (http://www.bsafeschool).

AFA and Log-On Corporation

"Has AFA Made an Impact?
The impact of AFA is recognized nationwide.
... AFA teams up with Log-On Data, to market X-Stop, a powerful Internet pornography filter."

American Family Online Welcome Letter

American Family Online is a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Family Association (AFA), a well known and respected family ministry that has been fighting to protect time tested Christian based values for over twenty years. We are located in Tupelo Mississippi and will be providing nationwide service for Internet users.
We will do our best to provide you with the best possible Internet content and services. We are committed to serving you, the Internet public, with the best value, honesty and integrity to the glory of Jesus Christ!

AFA Filter from American Family Online

"About American Family Filter We have come to realize that for an Internet filter to be truly effective, it must protect the whole family. The parents as well as children need protection from the destructive material on the Internet. A filter must also be secure. A filter that can be disabled will be, and usually at the time it is needed most. A filter needs to perform. It needs to be invisible to the subscriber except when bad material is encountered.

The American Family Filter is built on the Christian principal of holiness and living a pure life. Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things. Philippians 4:8 If you have been seriously shopping for an Internet access control (filtering software) product, the American Family Filter is for you!

American Family Filter stands apart from other blocking software, employing a uniquely Christian approach to our content filtering. We adhere to a higher standard, because American Family Filter is a ministry first and foremost, and therefore we are accountable to a Higher Authority for the product we produce...."

Block this Site Submit Page

"Currently well over 1 Million sites (not just pages) have been classified inappropriate under our filtering standards, and we are adding more every day! Rest assured that we are doing our best to protect you and your family from unacceptable sites. However, new sites containing objectionable material go online everyday. In order for us to reach our goal of 100% effectiveness we will use the latest technology and tools at our disposal and we will even develop new technology that is needed to help provide that environment. But ultimately, it will still require your help to be the best!

CAUTION: This is not to say we want you to go looking for trouble. Pornography is dangerous, and viewing it (even for a moment) can set off a terrible chain of events. However, should you stumble across something unacceptable please let us know.
God bless you and thank you for your help! Please keep us in your prayers! This is a spiritual battle!

Steve Ensley - President"

New Stories


Online Safety Nets
Monday, December 13, 1999 - 03:54 PM ET (KDKA)

"America Family Online is an internet screening device that filters content consistent with 'traditional and Christian values'

One internet filter that's quickly growing in popularity is America Family Online. AFO President Steve Ensley says the company's screening mission rooted in the bible. 'We provide a criteria for the filtering that we believe is consistent with traditional and Christian values,' explains Ensley.

As an online provider, Ensley says AFO can filter anything it considers to be destructive to families or the culture -- like bomb making instructions, 'gambling, violent or erotic game site, homosexual sites that are erotic and recruit to the lifestyle.'"


Internet Security Compny (sic) To Locate In Florida
New Technical Support Service Center Brings 150 Jobs to Area

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, May 16, 2001

TALLAHASSEE Governor Jeb Bush announced today that Bsafe Online.com, an Internet security company, will locate its network support center in Ft. Walton Beach expecting to creating up to 150 new jobs for the area. The Tupelo, Mississippi-based company will sell household Internet filtering, firewall, and other security applications to promote family-friendly connections to and interactions on the World Wide Web.
Bsafe Online.com is a critical component of American Family Online, Inc., a company founded to help serve families with Internet filtering. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Family Association, an organization with twenty-three years of experience protecting families. ...

'We look forward to working with the county and the state of Florida to serve families worldwide with this suite of Internet protection products," said Steve Ensley, CEO of Bsafe Online Inc.."

About BSafeOnline

"Bsafe Online is an vertical service provider (VSP) that distributes and supports a new and growing line of Internet filtering and security applications. We support both traditional ISP customers and high speed DSL, cable, and wireless modem customers.

Bsafe Online, Inc. is a privately held technology services corporation, founded in 2001 by American Family Online, Inc. It was created in response to the marketplace need for providing service and support for a complete suite of Internet content
filtering and security applications.

With it's Internet content filtering business well established, Bsafe Online is expanding into the high speed WhiteWave suite of firewall, spam, and virus protection products at a time when they are needed most.

The threat to your PC and personal information from hackers grows on a daily basis. In addition, the Bsafe Online development team sees firsthand the daily tragedies wrought by inappropriate use of the Internet (missing and exploited children, broken marriages, pornography addictions, etc.). Therefore, Bsafe Online has a passion to provide the best, fastest and most widely offered filtering and protection options available, and we offer these accurate, easy and affordable filtering and security services to the home, school and small business markets.

Building the Bsafe Online platform makes it possible to launch these next-generation filtering and security products to our customers with both traditional and broadband access to the Internet."

Note, while there is reference to American Family Online, there is no reference to AFO being a subsidiary of AFA. And there is no reference to filtering content consistent with "traditional and Christian values."

AFA Filter Filtering Categories
These are the same as the BSafeSchool categories.
And the same as the 8e6 Technologies Categories, with some minor language changes.