Professional Development Opportunities

Cyberbullying Workshop

Nancy Willard, M.S., J.D., Director of Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use, is available to provide a 3-hour workshop for educators and other key individuals involved in safe school planning, including counselors, and school safety officials. This workshop can be provided in-person or “virtually.” The virtual workshop includes a Powerpoint presentation on location, with the presenter appearing via speaker phone. Presentation materials are provided.

Here is some of what attendees at this workshop offered at the Oregon Violence Prevention Summer Institute had to say:

  • Great personality and enthusiasm about subject
  • Very knowledgeable about this topic
  • Outstanding!!  I am going to recommend our district contact her for staff training/policy development
  • This is scary!  But, even though we are from a generation that is computer illiterate we must “bull” ahead
  • Great class.  Very informed and informative

Workshop Fees: $500 for virtual workshop.

$1,000, plus travel, for in-person workshop.

Attention: University faculty and professional development providers.

The Cyberbullying Powerpoint slides and presentation materials are available for use with your classes and workshops. These materials may be modified to fit your needs. To successfully present on this subject, it will be very helpful for you to have read the book Cyberbullying: Mobilizing Educators, Parents, Students and Others to Combat Online Social Cruelty.

For more information on workshops or course materials, please contact us.

Online Course

An online course on Cyberbullying is under development. Please check back or contact us for more information.