8e6 Technologies/X-Stop
8e6 Technologies was formerly known as Log-On Corporation.

Filtering Categories

Research Indicators

8e6 Technologies/X-Stop have used two unique trademarked terms to describe their process. Frequently these terms can be identified on ISPs using 8e6 Technology products but do not identify the company. These terms are "Direct Access Blocking (DAB)" and "MudCrawler ."

Examples of Blocking Categories/Criteria that Present Concerns

"Alternative Journals
Sites for non-mainstream periodicals, information on self-awareness, spirituality, healing arts, holistic living, junk culture, fringe media, art perspectives, etc."

It is unlikely that a company that collaborates with the American Family Association is blocking access to Christian sites. But "non-mainstream information on spirituality" is blocked.

Sites contain information regarding militias, weapons, anti-government groups, terrorism, overthrowing of the government, killing methods, etc."

It would appear that sites presenting information objecting to U.S. policy, such as sites that present objections to U.S. trade policy might be blocked under this category. If this description were used to block access to information in the late 1700's the Declaration of Independence and all other writings of the Founding Fathers would be blocked.

Sites promoting cult or gothic subject matter, use of mind control, paranoia, fear, and any other type of psychological control or manipulation."

It is not possible to tell whether non-traditional religions, which are considered to be "cults" by some, would be classified in this category.

Sites that contain material relative to an individual's personal life, whether straight, gay, lesbian, or otherwise; any site pertaining to any particular culture, behavior, organization, society, club, etc."

This is an interesting category that may have been created to provide cover for those who might want to block access to information related to sexual orientation but do not want it to appear that they are discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation. If 8e6 is truly blocking all sites that could presumably fit into this category, including all sites pertaining to "any particular culture," it would be logical to assume that blocking this category would have seriously detrimental effects on the use of Internet in schools to study other cultures.

More insight into this category can be found in the description that is provided on the BSafeOnline/BSafeSchool/AFA Filter web site, which is a private labeled version of the same product.

"Alternative Lifestyles
Information promoting adultery, swinging lifestyles, same gender and/or trans-gendered relationships." http://www.bsafeonline.com/products/ectable.asp and http://www.afafilter.com/criteria.asp

Clearly the placement of sexual orientation into this category presents significant concerns.

Sites that contain nudity of any sort, vulgarity, including the likes of Playboy, Hustler, and Penthouse."

Most comprehensive sexual education sites, safe sex sites, and the like contain "nudity of some sort." It is unknown the degree to which 8e6 blocks access to such information.

Relationship with the American Family Association

It appears that Log-On Corporation was started in some form of a partnership with the American Family Association, a conservative Christian organization (http://www.afa.net). American Family Online, the technology arm of AFA, has been marketing a private-labeled version of X-Stop as American Family Filter (http://www.afafilter.com). American Family Online has recently established a new division called BSafeOnline (http://www.bsafeonline), which is selling to schools as BSafeSchool (http://www.bsafeschool). A separate report is provided regarding American Family Online and BSafeSchool.

Information found on AFA site

"Has AFA Made an Impact?
The impact of AFA is recognized nationwide.
... AFA teams up with Log-On Data, to market X-Stop, a powerful Internet pornography filter."

News article

"The AFA (American Family Association) generally supports the use of blocking software, and has a business alliance with Log-On Data, creators of a product that competes with Cyber Patrol called X-Stop."

Text from a page from the X-Stop site in 1997

"Some related links:
American Family Association
Enough is Enough

Family Research Council
Focus on the Family
Trinity Broadcasting Network"

Former trademark

The author of this report recalls, but cannot verify, that in the late 1990's Log-On Corporation had a logo that was similar to "Blessed are those who remove the temptation." This logo appeared on their home page.

Although no evidence of this prior logo could be located, the following report of an interview with the CEO of Log-On Corporation on Trinity Broadcasting contains a very similar statement:


AFA Filter from American Family Online

"About American Family Filter We have come to realize that for an Internet filter to be truly effective, it must protect the whole family. The parents as well as children need protection from the destructive material on the Internet. A filter must also be secure. A filter that can be disabled will be, and usually at the time it is needed most. A filter needs to perform. It needs to be invisible to the subscriber except when bad material is encountered.

The American Family Filter is built on the Christian principal of holiness and living a pure life. Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things. Philippians 4:8 If you have been seriously shopping for an Internet access control (filtering software) product, the American Family Filter is for you!

American Family Filter stands apart from other blocking software, employing a uniquely Christian approach to our content filtering. We adhere to a higher standard, because American Family Filter is a ministry first and foremost, and therefore we are accountable to a Higher Authority for the product we produce.

Some of American Family Filter's stricter standards include blocking of unmonitored chat rooms, no password overrides, and advanced technologies that make it difficult to disable by children and spouses with addictions who may be tempted to circumvent the filter.

All this is to make your Internet experience as safe as possible using the latest technology and maximum human effort."

AFA Filter Filtering Categories
Same as 8e6 Technology categories -- some language changes.

Other Religious ISPs Using X-Stop

711.Net/Global Internet Ministries

It appears that 711.Net/Global Internet Ministries was using I-Gear, but it appears that the company is now using 8e6 Technologies product. See the separate report about 711.Net.


Religious Focus

"Mission: To provide a quality, filtered internet access service, promoting Christian values, that provides security and protection for all users, especially children from porn sites and obscene material."

Filtering Product

"Several standout features separate our filter from other products designed to restrict access to offensive online content. Two of the most significant are its exclusive use of Direct Address Blocking (DAB) - blocking sites by their Internet addresses - and a proprietary technology known as "the MudCrawler" - a search array that constantly scans millions of Web addresses for offensive content."


Religious Focus
Evident from the name of the service.

Filtering Product

"The SafeHavenTM Internet filter

The SafeHavenTM Internet filter is CatholicFamilies.net's proprietary tool for blocking offensive web sites from its Internet service. It prevents the user from accessing pornography, as well as sites promoting hatred and extreme violence. With SafeHaven, CatholicFamilies.net members can explore the Internet with peace of mind.

Powered by X-Stop, SafeHaven offers the most efficient, sophisticated filtering process on the Internet. Some companies offer "client-side" filters, governed by software that the user installs on his or her own computer. The software includes lists of sites that need to be blocked, which the user updates through monthly downloads."

Influence on Blocking

"We want to make sure that the SafeHaven filter is responsive to users' needs. If you encounter any site which you feel should be filtered, please send us the URL. We'll review it, and add it to our list if it fits the criteria for undesirable sites."

World Christian Online

Religious Focus

World Christian Online is a group of Christians who are committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. There is a tremendous need for a high quality, low cost online service provider that reflects the values of Christians worldwide. World Christian envisions connecting the online body of Christ together via the Internet for the purpose of evangelism, education, edification, communication, encouragement, burden sharing and worldwide praise to God. The integrity of this service will diligently be protected to ensure a family-friendly, God centered online environment. We will be constantly adding new and valuable content and affiliated sites to help Christians in their daily lives in their walk for the Lord.

World Christian Online is one of the first nationwide, Christian Internet Service Providers with server level filtering. World Christian Online is seeking to serve the Lord by bring together the Christian Community and providing Christian content and reliable services that are not available anywhere else."

Filtering Product

"After more than a year testing and evaluating various filters, we've decided to license the X-Stop R2000 from Logon Data Corporation."


Religious Focus

"Christian Filtered Internet"

Filtering Product
Names X-Stop specifically


Religious Focus and Filtering Product

"Our Mission
Our mission at safeplace.net® is to provide a clean and friendly environment for exploring the Web. This is achieved through two means. The first and most important is our filtering system. Backed by the best filtering technology on the planet, X-STOP® we are able to scan over 3.2 million site per hour for objectionable content. Our filtered access is used by thousands of individuals, churches, schools and business alike.
Our Company
Safeplace.net is a service of Fish(5), Corp. Fish(5), Corp. is a privately held, Christian owned and operated, full-service Internet solutions company specializing in providing Internet access, web hosting, web design, leased lines, full scale Internet/Intranet development and Internet content management solutions."

FishNet Online

Religious Focus
FishNet does not state that it is a Christian service. But it does have the traditional Christian fish logo and Christian Links.

Filtering Product


FishNet Online utilizes proven X-stop technology to offer server based PURE INTERNET ACCESS as a FREE option when you sign up for a Fishnet Family account."

The CrossWorks

Religious Focus

<link> Mission
"The Mission of The CrossWorks Ministries is to minister to Faith-based and Nonprofit Organizations and Individuals by using multi-media and Internet technology to provide high quality, easy-to-use tools based on an affordable, monthly subscription fee. Through our profitability and operations, our goal is to make our associates available for full-time ministry opportunities and to help build HIS Kingdom!"

Filtering Product

<link Filtered Internet>
"Now you have two choices for Internet Filtering!
Get dial-up services in proud association with Fishnet Online

Or keep your current Internet Service Provider
Christian-based Filtering now available with your existing Internet Provider!! The CrossWorks has created an affiliation with American Family Association to provide a filter that is used in conjunction with an existing Internet provider (AOL, Yahoo, MSN, etc.). This allows Christians who want Internet protection to get an award-winning filter without changing their Internet connection. ..."

On September 16, 1996, at 8:00 EST, the TBN Show

"Joy In The Morning" program featured an interview with Michael S. Bradshaw, C.E.O. and creator of the X-STOP device. Mr. Bradshaw answered questions about content, control and reading words that are typed before the computer does. X-STOP, the only product available that addresses the issue of e-mail filtering for the purpose of child and family protection will be gone over in depth. Every e-mail word to be sent is filtered.

The show's host, Jay Jones, addressed issues that his 31 million viewers were concerned about. When Mr. Jones asked Mr. Bradshaw what the average age of the pornographer was, Mr. Bradshaw said that the average age is between 12 and 17. "The key to effective blocking of pornography sites, which is X STOP's other main feature, is the quality of the library. Allowing children to go to pornographic sites on the Internet is not in their best interest and detrimental," continued Bradshaw.

"You bless the lives of those you love and care about when you remove temptation," said Mr. Bradshaw.