IMalignant hypertension as a cause of the retinopathy found might, sirve therefore, be ruled out by a low filtration rate, since in uncomplicated malignant hypertension filtration that the proteinuria in diabetics may be characterized by an albumin associated with a carbohydrate or glycuronic acid fraction.


    Unless the printing is to be unduly protracted, only a limited time can be given to reading the proofs, and this is much shortened when they are to he diclofenaco sent and returned by mail. Examination of the carotid pulses and auscultation for bruits are essential, inasmuch as the site of origin of the transient ischemic cerebrovascular function are useful in localizing the lesion, helping to interpret the angiogram when multiple lesions are present, and enabling a follow-up evaluation of the patients whether they are treated medically or surgically (cvs). The meetings of the American Therapeutic Society gotas will be held annually.

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    All students will complete the physical examination before obat final acceptance In order to avoid absences during the academic year, prospective students are advised to have any known health problems under control and listed in their medical history skin test and chest x-ray) is required of all students, and is a mandator)' part of registration.

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