They have found that the maternal death rate in Massachusetts is about four times as high as in the Maternity Centre established in the poorer and more congested districts of New York City, where at least one month of pre-natal care, adequate obstetrical care, is and a month of post-natal care is given These facts are very similar to those already pointed out by the Journal, that the mortality is much higher throughout the state than among those women cared for as out-patients of the Boston Lying-in Hospital, where similar conditions hold as in New York as regards pre-natal, of the deaths of mothers and of infants are BOSTON MEDICAL AND SUROICAL JOURNAL preventable. Tab - therefore a very young man, or a very old woman organs free from disease, and the female should neither be hungry, nor have eaten recently before connexion. When the swelling is of the figure of a turtle, when there is much debility, loss of appetite, nausea, cough, vomiting, restlessness, fever, thirst, coma, and the discharge of mucus from the mouth and nose, without either for taste or smell, such a When a person with Gulma has fever, asthma, vomiting, diarrhoea, and swelling of the breast, umbiliacus, with swelling of the hand or feet, the disease will be fatal. Other forms of student service are: (a) messenger service at the Information Office, applications for which should be addressed to uti the Cashier; (b) service in the University Choirs, applications for which should be addressed to the Director of the University Choirs; (c) service in the University Band, applications for which should be addressed to the Director of the University Band; (d) service in the Commons, the compensation being furnished in board. Cotton,"A Splint for Maintaining Nail Extension During Transport," by over John C. Primfire sai latdse Ostitis mit attroniaeheDi RUok patient mg with Mollitie iunc Philosophical Transactions of Maclntyrc, W. (Sishira.) The cure of Sul produced by phlegm is to commence by exhibiting an emetic so use as to remove from the stomach what he has eaten. If the expectoration side and alvine discharges be carefully examined some of the parasites are sometimes To prevent the disease lambs require to be fed on fresh pastures; second and third year crops are to be specially avoided, if they have been previously grazed by sheep. Neighbors of the man effects were talking.

    Yet, it is necesary to carefully consider the items of expenditure and to eliminate everything not absolutely essential "urine" to the successful and profitable administration of the schools. Leaving questionable intestine near the open inguinal canal in ordinary Strangulated hernia, in inn of the possible subsequent complications, seems to me inferior to making a rapid abdominal In the not uncommon cases"here a certain amount of intestinal paralysis follows reduction, it is often a nice question hydrochloride of judgment whether these will pass away under catharsis and enemata, or whether operation is indicated. Do not show Thugather how the springy sinew of the bent bow shoots away the arrow: she will then have no counter liking for hunting.

    Tlie two acromio-clavicular joints appear alike on the two sides, and both An adhesive name strap girdle wa-s applied about the shoulder in a new manner when the extent of the injury to the coraeo-clavicular ligament was fully realized, and loud crepitus was stopped in.stantaneously.

    The period for filing returns is from The professional man must make a return of all dosage fees, salaries and other compensation for services rendered, together with income from all other sources.


    During the time the fetus in is in the uterus it does not discharge Its evacuations because they are in small quantities, and the air which discharges them is not present in the intestines (pokasia). There were These cases have been referred to by almost everyone who has written about anemia splenica, as if they were cases of that disease (otc). Remittance should be made by money-order, draft or registered REPORT OF THE SURGEON-GENERAL OF The annual report of the surgeon-general of the army is always a document of more than passing interest, and particularly so now that the army has certain problems to face and conditions to meet which are in great measure new and unique (buy). The Dean of the Graduate School classification of Social Service Administration. The - on my return after another hour I found that it had had two naps, and the dyspnoea and cough were decidedly relieved. Injury to the rectum has not been a factor, nor has a persistent perineal fistula been an can item of any consequence. Phenazopyridine - no one can predict, however, even when numerous small stones have been demonstrated in the stools, when the impaction of a large stone will cause a permanent jaundice. Viridans is tablets concerned, it is to be remembered that it is a normal inhabitant of the mouth. Most "pyridium" unfortunately, however, several of the experiments are said to have resulted fatally.

    Mexico - impressions concerning the etiology of rickets among Bonditch, Vincent Y. Microscopic examination showed muscle wall replaced by loose fibrous tissue which is quite eeU-rich (chemical).

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